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Girls Bike 26

girls bike 26

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The new red bike is red!

The new red bike is red!

...and has flat tires! And it came with a helmet, an Allen wrench, and the original manual, which had tucked inside it the original purchase receipt: Kathy bought this bike in 1988 at Costco for $99.99. Which means this 10-speed is totally old enough to drink! And apparently I can ride it wearing a skirt, even.

This is a 1988 Murray 7-5079 Girls' Touring 26" 10 SPEED bike, model number 705079002447. It's kind of a mix between 10-speed and mountain bike, without any of the flair of either. I freakin' LOVE it.

#26-Steel feather

#26-Steel feather

I've gotten slick enough with the sheet metal shears that I end up with these funny little pieces as the cut off when I miter the tubes that way.

girls bike 26

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